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What’s Your Number 1? Join the search for the nation’s most loved kids’ books!

A great book can produce a spark of imagination in young children that results in a lifelong love of reading. From the traditional classics that get passed down from generation to generation to quirky modern greats, Whitcoulls is on the search to find New Zealand’s most loved kids’ books.

Celebrating its 19th year of searching for the Kids’ Top 50 - now is the time to get your favourites in contention for the coveted list for 2017.

We love to get contributions from kids of all ages; plus parents and grandparents, teachers and lifelong readers that help shape the list each year, reflecting not only what books our children are engaging with today, but celebrating timeless books that have captivated us for many years.

So vote now to ensure your favourite kids’ book appears on the list for 2017, plus be in with a chance to win one of 20 $100 Whitcoulls Gift Cards to spend on all those books you haven’t read yet!
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Simply enter up to three of your favourite kids’ books of all time and to be included in the prize draw to win one of 20 $100 Gift Cards, fill out your details and click ‘Submit’. Voting ends Sunday 6th August 2017.
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